I moved to Layton from Las Vegas 25 years ago. I’ve been a Salt Lake Tribune patron for as long as I can remember. Ten days ago, my paper stopped being delivered. Eight days and five phone calls to the “Customer Service” department — in name only — I received a paper on a Monday and Tuesday. Then once again my paper stopped.

I know an actual paper is yesterday’s news. I know it’s archaic to still get one delivered. We recycle, and my wife and I share a paper with coffee every morning. It’s our thing.

The last call to “Customer Service” revealed that the Ogden Standard-Examiner ended its delivery contract with The Salt Lake Tribune and that the newspaper delivery people quit after one day.

So, Salt Lake Tribune, you people have decided that “our thing” is over, done? My relationship with you has always been determined by the Ogden paper?

C’mon, get it together.

Soon enough there won’t be any actual papers.

Tom Ridge, Layton