You published two excellent pieces regarding our current “president.” He is an egomaniac who wants to rule the U.S.

The first article was written by Michael A. Kalm. He stated that we are under attack. His message is that Trump lies, lies, lies but makes it almost credible so there needs to be a follow-up using our resources. Trump is dangerous, but current Republican senators and congressmen are blind to his antics. Don’t even go to Hatch. He is so bonkers over Trump that he shouldn’t be trusted to make any decisions.

The second was written by Vicki Martin on the editorial page. She addresses the possibility that Trump will appoint Ron Mortensen, who is known to be anti-immigration, etc. Again, Trump makes terrible decisions just to shake up the government and keep all attention on him.

We are in trouble, and each day that goes by gives Trump the opportunity to slowly disrupt our freedoms.

Sharon Woolstenhulme, Cottonwood Heights