Mark Shurtleff and John Swallow, former attorneys general for the State of Utah, have decided to sue the state for problems that occurred while they each were in office.

Mr. Shurtleff, apparently the more troubled, is asking for $60 million. Mr. Swallow seems more modest and is asking for only $1.5 million.

Many of the charges against these two men were similar. Mr. Swallow was trained and selected by Mr. Shurtleff to succeed him. Juries in both cases determined that they were not guilty. Ask any prosecuting attorney about securing guilty verdicts involving white-collar crime and you will be told that it is extremely difficult. The determination by the jury that the evidence was insufficient for a guilty verdict does not mean that these two men are innocent. They both did things while in office that they should not have; hence, the charges filed against them.

Stuart Young, Sandy