Last week I wrote emails to both Utah senators and Rep. John Curtis regarding the policy of separating children from parents seeking asylum at the border. I asked each of them to respond in some way.

It won’t surprise anyone that none of them have responded. They seem to feel that if they just ignore constituents, we will shut up and go away. They apparently think that if they lie low enough, they will never be held accountable for doing nothing to intercede in an action that is morally reprehensible.

America should be better than this. We should not separate babies from mothers and put them in detention centers thousands of miles apart from each other. It wasn’t always this way. We haven’t always done this to children and families.

I am begging my fellow Utahns and all of Utah’s media to put a spotlight on the inaction of our elected representatives on this issue. We have a right to know where they stand and what they are doing.

Tonight, somewhere on our border, a baby will be torn from the arms of his mother by agents of our government. That’s not OK. Not in America.

Jill Christensen, Holladay