Every voter in Utah should read George Pyle’s June 3 column about the recent debate between Senate candidates Mike Kennedy and Mitt Romney. Within eight minutes of listening to that debate, Pyle said, it became “crystal clear that neither of the Republican candidates for Utah’s open seat in the U.S. Senate should hold public office ever again.”

During the debate, a student had asked what is to be done about the United States’ health care system. The student pointed out that France’s health care is No. 1 in the world, whereas health care in the U.S. is near the bottom. Neither candidate had an intelligent answer.

Romney pointed out that when the French get sick, they come to America. Pyle says no they don’t unless they are wealthy. Pyle points out that most of the French just take advantage of their No. 1 health care, which may not be perfect but at least leaves no one with the choice of bankruptcy, death or both.

Kennedy’s response was even worse. He said people already have access to health care. They can go to any emergency room throughout the country and have access as they need it. Pyle states that this is simply a lie. Sick people generally need help that an ER is not equipped to give. They will not be denied ER access, but they will be billed for the visit. This kind of “treatment” may haunt the person for the rest of his life. Kennedy is a doctor. He should be ashamed of himself.

I’d like to add this: One reason that hospital bills are so extravagant is that ERs are being used as a clinic for the homeless, the mentally ill, the drug addict and the poverty-stricken. These patients need help, but they cannot pay. Therefore hospitals are forced to raise the price for each paying patient. Our health care system is deplorable. Can’t we at least consider the universal method used by other developed countries?

Ellie Ienatsch, Sandy