After the school shooting in Florida, I emailed a letter to the Tribune Public Forum, stating that yes, it has come to this: Each school must have one restricted entrance, or two at the most, where official screening takes place, including metal detectors. No gun should get through the entrance. The letter was not published.

Florida’s tragedy was followed by that in Texas, followed by an attempt in Indiana quelled by a teacher who tackled the shooter. Again, I say, restricted entrances must be controlled officially by metal detector (with an officer on the outside).

Mitt Romney stated recently that some banks have controlled this very well. Years ago, I walked into a bank in New York City and was greeted by a police officer standing by a metal detector.

While restricted entrances are officially controlled, we can further explore mental health and the erosion of the family. Teachers would not have to be armed.

Expensive, yes! But hospital costs have gone through the roof. Three years ago, funeral costs for my husband ran into five figures, including the expensive obituary in The Tribune. And that didn’t include gravesites. We already had those.

The young people are the future of this country. They are worth it.

Julia J. Erickson, Salt Lake City