What does Holly Richardson not understand about illegal?

She constantly refers to Ron Mortensen opposing “immigration.” His speeches and writings point out the devastating effects illegal immigration has on America: 12.5 million illegals costing 2017 taxpayers $134.9 billion in social services (increasing yearly), while remittances to Mexico top $20 billion.

One in five federal inmates is foreign-born, with over 90 percent illegal.

Each of those criminals has at least one victim who shouldn’t be a victim. IRS found 1.2 million cases of ID theft by illegals in just 2017.

The author praises the LDS Church supporting illegal members as following “values of Mormon faith” and ignores the hypocrisy of “respect for law” as known illegals are given temple recommends (claiming to be honest in their dealings with their fellow men).

Former LDS Church President Monson counseled East Germans to obey communist laws. Is that difference to support thousands of missionaries serving Latin America?

The UN reports each refugee from the Middle East costs U.S. taxpayers $64,370 in five years — 12 times what it costs to care for one refugee in neighboring Middle Eastern countries.

Hopefully Mortensen will use those resources to help those exponentially increasing refugees most efficiently.

Vicki Martin, Clearfield