After the unbelievable news that King Trump is increasing his issuance of targeted pardons, it is clear that he is trying not only to protect his “friends” but to obviously send less than “encrypted” messages to an ever-increasing myriad of soon-to-be criminals. This is a bunch who may be currently deciding between cooperating with Robert Mueller’s investigative team to avoid prosecution, or taking a deep breath, and clamming up.

Message: Remain silent, you’ll be pardoned. Trump continues to blatantly abuse the constitutional powers of the president, almost daily. Unfortunately, we can’t avoid witnessing it, and worse, being soiled by it.

There is a previously overlooked solution to this guy’s executive/judicial travesties. As controversial as it was, Trump undid President Obama’s gracious “pardons of the land” in protecting Bears Ears as a new national monument. Native American people were overjoyed. This clearly frustrated the locals hell-bent on laying waste to our public (read: not just Utah) lands.

Here it is: The next president, after taking office, can simply “revoke” or, as I like to say, “un-pardon” these proven and admittedly guilty criminals, whether they be his lawyers, enforcers, friends, family, or simply other indicted co-conspirators to his follies. Un-un-pardon that!

Jeff Clawson, MD, Salt Lake City