From time to time I read charges that government agents are “jack-booted thugs.” I always dismissed these claims as delusions of the paranoid right — until now. Wrenching children away from desperate mothers is as thuggish as it gets.

The attorney general’s stated rationale that this is to deter illegal immigration is at best misguided, and surely horribly inhumane.

We were supposed to give up the practice that children should suffer for the sins of their parents at the end of the Middle Ages; apparently we have reverted to that standard. When will we bring back trials for sorcery?

Of course, this is all under the tutelage of the Thug-in-Chief. How can any human with any sense of decency excuse him and his minions? This administration is the-worst-of-the-worst.

If you have any concern for the well-being of your fellow human beings, any adherence to religious teachings, then demand they put a stop to this horrible behavior. And go to the ballot box this year and vote every enabler of these policies out of office.

Roger Bourke, Alta