What a good idea, working on deflecting light downward in order to help birds and other wildlife, as well as giving us a tiny chance to see more of the night sky!

A lot of us here in the Avenues and Federal Heights would be extra thrilled if the lighting folks would turn their attention to the stadium.

It has been lighting our homes at all hours, often all night when no one is no one using it.

I have asked several times over the years if they would just put deflectors to guide the light downward instead of into our eyes. Each time I have been rudely rejected by a head sports official, who told me to “chill out,” and advised me to just go to all the games and events. I know the U. tries hard to be a good neighbor. But this is one venue which they seem to ignore. It’s awkward to have to hand out sunglasses to your guests when they arrive for a party on your patio.

With a few deflectors, couldn’t the problem be solved? I am guessing the birds would be grateful, too.

Terrell Dougan, Salt Lake City