More jobs. More jobs.

Anyone traveling in any direction in Utah can witness the unbridled growth that covers our state. Now I am sorrowful as I follow the controversy concerning the proposed development of the northwest quadrant of Salt Lake City into an immense inland port. The plan is to bring shipments here via large planes which would be distributed via trucks. This project is nothing more than poor planning, land grabbing and money making.

Attempting to get public endorsement, we have been reminded over and over about the jobs that would come. But there has been little information about the realities of this construction. Not only will that delicate environment be degraded to an asphalt-covered terminus for planes and trains, the dramatic number of semi-trucks using our over-crowded roads and freeways will grow exponentially.

I recently visited Atlanta, Ga., and traveled on a freeway that at times grew to a width of 15 lanes. It was clogged daily with cars and more semis than I could count. The talk there is to build roads designated only for trucks. Now that’s an expense we have yet to consider.

Imagine the pollution. Imagine the noise. Imagine the loss of so much for ... jobs.

Nancy Starks, Salt Lake City