Eric C. Ewert in an op-ed on May 29 informs us that facts related to the stripping of natural resources, particularly associated with Utah’s national monuments, are irrelevant in the eyes of those who believe their right of entitlement to all lands is sacrosanct.

Historically, that attitude produced the “Dirty Thirties,” the devastating Dust Bowl era of the Great Plains. For those who remain forever uneducated in the overexploitation of either public or private lands, conservationists can only feel sorry for the naiveté of what should be a responsible adult.

Exploiting a resource to the point of diminishing returns will eventually lead to the destruction of that commodity. The earthly blight from human populations is often irretrievable.

Education and responsible life management is our duty, and no matter how much you pray for a cup of crystal clear water, it will be denied you unless you help with your own habits of accountability.

Joan Provost, Salt Lake City