I don’t believe our anthem or flag are disrespected as much by kneeling as by greedy politicians who for decades have maliciously played with black lives, veterans’ lives and countless other lives in order to stuff wallets and further dirty careers. We pay our athletes ridiculously to wear helmets and beat the hell out of each other for our amusement — and then we’re outraged when some of them take the brain-bashing spotlight and kneel intelligently to shine it on something vital. IMHO, in kneeling, these men truly stand for the essence of our flag and anthem.

Our flag and anthem symbolize ideals; if these ideals are in jeopardy, it’s up to us all (especially those with greater visibility) to draw unforgettable attention to such a terrible jeopardy.

The men and women of our great country’s military have literally gone through hell to protect our nation’s ideals. They are truly the brave to whom this land of the free is home. Tonight I kneel — in prayer that justice fought and died for will become justice for all — and not merely a political tool for the current cabinet of political tools and money-grubbers to exploit.

Benjamin Fox, Salt Lake City