Paul Rolly has decided to retire in the face of massive layoffs at The Tribune in hopes that a few jobs might be saved for younger staffers. This may be both admirable on his part and positive for the paper going forward. As a loyal four-decade subscriber, I’m ready for a more cogent voice.

Make no mistake: I’ve read Rolly assiduously throughout his career and often took perverse delight when he castigated Utah’s politicians and power brokers. However, he was never quite the equal opportunity muckraker portrayed in his medium, even when accounting for the “lefty” bias we share. Sometimes that strident tone only satisfies the choir rather than convincing the congregation. It’s time to genuinely thank him for his service and turn the page.

If Rolly’s departure provides increased space for Robert Gehrke as a Tribune columnist, then I’m greatly encouraged to continue my subscription. His erudite columns can be compelling reading. Let’s have more of Gehrke; information as he writes it makes The Tribune harder to dismiss as fake news.

Brett Clifford, Salt Lake City