Congratulations to the Scouts on becoming independent in Utah (as they are almost everywhere else). When our family first came to Utah, my son was anxious to enroll in the BSA. However, after a few meetings he reported this was actually a church organization. I investigated and found he was right. Their literature even said the purpose of Scouting was to prepare boys for their missions. So my son missed out. And the church was denied that golden opportunity to use this vehicle to convert my vulnerable boy.

Mormons have famously found very good programs and then converted them to be their own: the Masonic rituals, Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step program, the BSA, the Bible and, most famously, every single facet of government. Any chance they could now opt out of running the state and focus that energy on their religion?

The world will only become more diverse as the worldwide population explodes and boundaries of all kinds disappear … regardless of the wall. Condolences to those Mormon ex-Scouts who will continue to be kept apart, indoctrinated and forced into a uniform mold of thought, action and appearance. Will they be prepared?

Bill Miller, Salt Lake City