I am a liberal who always reads respects and tries to understand the arguments of conservative commentators. Often, just to try to find cause to refute those arguments — and almost as often modifying my own views as a result of their wisdom and logic.

David Brooks and Thomas Friedman have always attracted my attention and influenced my thinking (although these days, they might be classified as liberals).

But George Will has — for decades — struck home base with me. His latest article, arguing that Mike Pence might take the “most repulsive politico” crown from Trump, is classic, adorable and irascible Will. And right on target!

Trump is motivated solely by his own self-perception; everyone knows that — even Mike. Trump can’t help himself, especially since his ego is constantly fed by the sycophants whom he has surrounded himself with. Those had no choice — they had no other visible source of support. But Pence chose to be a toady, and he does the job so repulsively well. But there are contenders. Take Devin Nunes — please!

Hugo Rossi, Salt Lake City