The best part of my day is morning, when it’s quiet, and I walk outside my door and pick up my most valuable delivery. I love to spread out the paper on the table next to my breakfast and languish in each article in depth. I love the organization of the paper, I love to read the paper in its individual sections. The Salt Lake Tribune is my best friend. I know I am way too busy when I don’t have the chance to read The Tribune from cover to cover. Nothing is more important to me.

In those few times when the paper doesn’t come, I have a panic attack! I make sure I get up before 8 a.m., so if it doesn’t arrive I can call and make sure they are aware. In the past 22 years the paper has not arrived on two occasions! That’s a phenomenal record.

I have tried to read the paper on the internet, but it isn’t the same. The paper should be on paper. Puzzles, crosswords, Sudoku, Jumble, should be done on paper with a pencil.

Am I one of the few left who see the value of that beloved paper rustling in my hands? We have allowed the alternate media outlets to take over our lives and it is a sad day. For what we receive: the connection of those reporters who write the articles, the lay-out artists who painstakingly fit each article into the right category, the editors who guide us with their knowledgeable insights, they are what has kept us independent and free from tyranny and isolation. It is the epitome of the First Amendment.

I hope to read The Tribune from my doorstep for the rest of my life ... and I hope that’s a long time!

Janis Morgan, Sandy