In these seemingly endless chaotic, bizarre, deceptive (over 3,000 lies at last count), characterless days of 45’s “presidency,” it was certainly fitting and even refreshing to take refuge and pride in our local NBA franchise. The Utah Jazz, with its run into the playoff landscape, has been a key distraction for many of us weary of the toxic political sludge the good old boys and girls in D.C. and our own backyard wallow through daily. Exhausting.

What isn’t exhausting? The Utah Jazz. Sure, the Jazz didn’t make it past the mighty Rocket juggernaut, but I think we’re open to the notion that the building blocks are firmly in place. The Jazz are a young team — hungry, poised and ready for the future. Coach Quin is a straight shooter with a keen basketball sense. He’s busy assembling the franchise for future runs.

The most refreshing thing here? It’s not chaotic, it’s not bizarre, it’s not deceptive, and most importantly, it’s not characterless. Gail Miller has seen to that. Bravo Jazz, bravo Quin and bravo Gail for yet another wonderful season. Now, let’s get to a Bees game!

Roger Knox, Holladay