Reading the recent Tribune article about how to deal with teachers’ salaries is not only disgusting, but an insult to all teachers. The Legislature has no regard for public education; otherwise it would not only properly fund the school districts, but pay teachers what they are worth. Yet each and every year, legislators proclaim that the schools are getting the increase in funding they need to operate, but don’t address the elephant in the room: teachers’ salaries. Not bonuses, or incentives, but actual dollars in their pocket, for the long term.

This state preaches that our children are its most valuable commodity, yet continues to provide them with a third-rate education. Educators, who once had the aspirations of being great teachers, are reduced to just another dead-end job.

Why do we require teachers to spend four years in college, only to be paid what a high school- or GED-equivalent education gets them in life? We allow a group of individuals who meet once a year to determine what kind of education we want for our children. First class, or third tier — I believe that our Legislature has decided on the latter.

Charles Glaser, West Valley City