I am disgusted at the Republicans using Nancy Pelosi as their poster child to make sure people vote for Mia Love or any other Republican in the midterm elections. What are they afraid of? Pelosi is the first and only woman to achieve the third most powerful position in government: Speaker of the House.

Evidently, Republicans are loath to accept a woman in a position of power, especially an effective one. As the Republican Party doesn’t want to talk about what the real elephant in the room is — the corruption and incompetence of the current GOP administration — it brings up what it hopes will obscure its problems: a strong female leader.

What a shame Ben McAdams thinks he has to turn his back on Pelosi to win. It would be far better for the voters to know what each candidate thinks they can do to improve people’s lives than to belittle a woman with a brilliant lifetime of service to her country.

Julie Bradshaw, Cottonwood Heights