NPR recently reported Ford was going to ditch cars in favor of trucks and SUVs.

Over the years, I’ve hoped and tried to support with my dollar votes that the U.S. public would drive U.S. auto makers toward efficiency and toward renewable energy. In 1990, I bought a 50 mpg GM Geo Metro, hoping this was going to be the great turning point in our culture. In 2013, I bought a Ford CMax Energi plug-in hybrid, hoping this was it. Time and again, though, it’s right back to gas guzzlers as soon as gas prices drop. Then again, Ford plans to spend $11 billion on developing electric vehicle technology.

I wonder, where was the marketing for the Ford CMax Energi? A pretty good ad campaign could have been aimed at Utah, for example: “Hate that poisonous inversion air but don’t want to give up a luxury ride in a powerful automobile? Go electric. Once you’ve tried electric, you’ll never look back. That smooth feel of electric. Smooth as glass. Like sailing on waters of a lake high in the Rocky Mountains.”

And. I’m getting free go juice whenever I touch the brakes, because I have Ford CMax advanced regenerative braking technology.

Charles Ashurst, Logan