Kudos to The Tribune for publishing Jack Pandol’s indictment of Ben McAdams’ membership in the Democratic Party and by default his alleged adherence to Nancy Pelosi’s value system.

“Guilty by association” seems like a very shaky tactic for a prominent National Republican Congressional Committee regional press secretary to deploy against a very popular Utah politician with a squeaky-clean reputation who espouses compassion for the homeless, fiscal government accountability and conservative family values.

Using Pandol’s logic, by virtue of he himself being a member of the Republican Party, we must assume that his moral compass aligns closely with President Trump’s as it relates to the treatment of women. This flawed logic would also indict the likes of Mitt Romney, John McCain, Mike Pence, etc. In other words, it’s absurd! To me it smacks of a political hack in the guise of a press secretary position attempting to affect a local election by creating false impressions of a viable opponent.

Mia Love’s rise to prominence is a fascinating story, and she would do well by her constituency to tout her accomplishments and agenda as opposed to her and/or her supporters distorting the facts of her opponent’s platform.

David L. Shipley, Salt Lake City