When I read a letter by Walt Borla on April 29, I felt compelled to respond.

I remember the days when The Tribune had a lot more pages to read. As I read Borla’s letter, I had to wonder what planet he is on or what he is smoking.

Maybe he just hates basketball or something. Right now it is the best game in town and should be covered. What a wonderful team we have. Great players on and off court and fun to watch play. They deserve the coverage.

Borla is mistaken about the lack of high school sports coverage. Was he out to lunch on April 29 or what? There was a full page C9 on Orem High plus articles on other schools as well. It has only been a few weeks since The Tribune ran two and four pages on girls’ and boys’ basketball and soccer, including coverage on the playoffs and individual players and even the colleges they have committed to.

Pro baseball has a lot of teams. Maybe it takes too much space to print all of the box scores every day. I hate “online” but that is the only way one can read them. Maybe your attitude will improve by watching a few Jazz games?

Ralph E. Henry, Salt Lake City