I wish to express my sincere gratitude to Matt Canham and The Tribune staff for “Officer in Distress,” (May 2). Canham’s piece was the most clear-voiced and accessible portrait of a true hero of this community, Officer Brent Jex, that I could have hoped for. I know its impact is already being felt in the first-responder community, with officers who have needed help finally seeing a big, front-page notice that they are not alone.

As executive director of the Utah Fraternal Order of Police, and a former police officer myself, I know all too well the sacrifices our officers make, the harm that befalls them, and the pain they carry in their hearts. It’s past time for the conversation about the lack of support our officers receive on the job to be expanded beyond the thin blue line.

Our politicians, policy makers and the public all owe our law enforcement heroes more than a blind eye and a shrug. Our officers deserve support in their time of need, after they’ve spent a career running to help others.

Ian Adams, executive director, Utah Fraternal Order of Police, West Jordan