We often talk and read about American values, but it seems to me that they have changed so much that they are unrecognizable in today’s society.

Lying, exaggeration and misrepresentation are common practices of our chosen leaders and press. Disrespecting others is common place, in private and public. Selfish behavior seems to be the norm. Hate is ever-present in our experience and news. Courtesy is no longer practiced. Look around at how folks behave on roads, in stores, at restaurants, in movie theaters.

We run into instructions on when and when not to use cellphones because we can’t trust folks to be responsible, considerate and courteous. Addiction to the convenience of technology regardless of distraction seems to override simple consideration. Whatever happened to the importance of honesty, consideration, courtesy, respect and civility in American society? Have all our funding cuts removed this from the curriculum, in school and at home?

Michael Feldman, Salt Lake City