I would like to respond to Tuesday’s letter from S.G. Letendre, who wonders why Robert Wadman’s Sunday commentary failed to mention addictions’ role in crime.

I don’t know why the relationship wasn’t mentioned, but I am certain that S.G. Letendre is accurate in making the assertion that addiction is related to increased crime. So, let’s change the rules. I believe (after doing my own research) that this relationship would greatly decrease if drugs or the possession of them were legalized or, at least, decriminalized.

In many countries where drugs are decriminalized, crime rates have decreased as have deaths and the transmission of diseases. Quality and doses can be regulated which would decrease said deaths and diseases.

Favoring legalization/decriminalization of drugs does not necessarily mean approval of their use. However, there clearly is a percentage of the population who will become addicted or dependent, so let’s make it safer and not so stigmatizing.

I also agree with countries that have deemed drug possession of smaller amounts a health issue rather than a criminal issue. Let’s face it. The War on Drugs has been a colossal failure. We need a major paradigm shift.

Bella Martinez, Salt Lake City