Lawmakers need to reconsider the proposed name change of the Utah Transit Authority to the Transit District of Utah.

Where and when did they solicit taxpayer input on this proposed use of taxpayer money? Where and when did they articulate to the public precisely how this costly name change will translate to measurable improvements to UTA? Where is the evidence that shows that other transportation agencies have undergone name changes which resulted in significant improvements to their operation? Where is the business plan that shows the return on investment to the UTA and to the taxpayer for an investment of this magnitude?

Let’s assume that a name change is a good idea and that real, positive change will occur as a result. What then do we call the new organization — “The Transit District of Utah”? In other words, it is being proposed to take an organization (transit authority) and now give it a name that most reasonable individuals would associate with a region (transit district). No identity crisis there.

The proposed name change is an ill-conceived idea with an even worse proposed method of implementation. Lawmakers would be wise to rethink this.

Marc Cronan, Salt Lake City