On April 11, the article titled “Utah’s national report card shows minority and low-income students lagging, despite state’s higher test scores” was published. This was a very informative article about Utah students’ 2017 results on the National Assessment of Education Progress test. The article concludes that Utah students are performing better, but students of color and/or whose families have low income are not.

Although this article provides some useful information, it was absolutely not necessary to include pictures of students and teachers of Riley Elementary. What does Riley Elementary have to do with this article? Did The Tribune decide that it needed pictures of students of color and low income to be the face of “lagging” test scores?

This article could have included many other pictures or graphics, but instead chose to take pictures of innocent students and teachers.

I wonder why employees of The Tribune didn’t take pictures of their own children and attach them to this article.

Dan Aragon, Murray