The recent news articles about unsanitary conditions at the Salt Lake VA Medical Center are troubling, but they are not the norm.

My experience with the VA started last year when I received a chest X-ray as part of my physical exam. Shortly after the exam I received a call from the VA telling me that I had a spot on my lung that needed to be examined. An on-the-ball, sharp-eyed VA doctor had looked at my X-ray and saved my life. They got me in for a biopsy in one week. It came back positive for lung cancer. I went up there numerous times for tests, etc., and in less than three months I underwent lifesaving surgery.

Every space there was spotless, ship-shape and squared away. In addition, the doctors, nurses, support staff, everyone is professional and courteous. They perform countless acts of kindness to the veterans. Treats left in the elevators, music in the front lobby, valet parking, free picture portraits, the list goes on and on.

I’m sorry for the brave veteran who received the dirty room, but for me, I thank the good Lord for the Salt Lake City VA Medical Center.

Jon​ Tracy Booth, Salt Lake City