A recent Public Forum letter expressed concern that Smith’s new Scan, Bag, Go offering would eliminate jobs. Smith’s would like to assure our customers this added service brought no risk to any of our associates’ employment.

Since 2016, Smith’s has hired nearly 9,000 new associates and is currently filling more positions to date. A recent example is ClickList, our online ordering service, creating 500 new positions. In addition, Smith’s offered over 1,200 new positions by developing five new Smith’s Marketplace stores in Utah since 2016.

Our diverse customer base has many different ways they like to shop. More than half of our customers opt to use self-checkout. Scan, Bag, Go will be offered as an option alongside traditional checkout lanes staffed by friendly associates, self-checkout, online ordering, curbside pickup and home delivery in many locations.

Smith’s priority is to retain and develop talent. Some of our friendliest and most tenured associates reside in our cashier positions, and we have had success in supporting our associates as they transition to different departments of our business. Smith’s is a great place to come for a job and stay for a career.

Aubriana Martindale, Division Corporate Affairs manager, Smith’s Food & Drug of The Kroger Co., Salt Lake City