I have wonderful memories of my family traveling through Utah to see the amazing formations that had become national parks. These travels were in the 1950s before the interstate. I remember driving from Zion National Park to nearby Bryce Canyon National Park — two places created by totally different elements (water and wind) and similarly awesome in their majesty.

My husband and I have dreamed about repeating these trips and adding the other natural wonders that your state can be proud of. This trip was planned for some time this year. But not now.

I have read about how the EPA under the ministrations of Scott Pruitt is selling these wonders and many more in the West to the oil companies. This is done because he, the Trump administration and others in Congress continue to deny climate change.

I will spend no more of my money in any state that welcomes the oil industry to despoil its lands and develop fossil fuels next to our natural wonders. Perhaps God placed these wonders in hostile lands to try to protect them from human greed. If so, God certainly underestimated that greed.

Becky Gage, Hempstead, Texas