I am writing, albeit in vain, to defend Sandy Police Chief Kevin Thacker. It has been my pleasure to call him a friend and neighbor for the past 20 years.

I have never known a more decent, kind and caring individual. A good man’s life has been destroyed and for what?

Because he cares for those who work under him and he shows his care and concern for them?

Mayor Kurt Bradburn has done this man and the city a great injustice.

If there had been one inclination of criminal misconduct or any evidence in the released report, I could understand the actions taken. Since nothing criminal should come of this, then why the public humiliation? Why the firing?

Bradburn tells us of his struggle and then tells us he thinks of his wife and daughters and can’t let them be subjected to this monster who hugs. If Bradburn has any sense of civic duty, he would apologize to Thacker, reinstate him and then resign as mayor. If the mayor doesn’t have the decency to resign, the council should impeach him and, failing that, the citizens of Sandy should vote him out of office.

Bill Juszcak, West Jordan