After reading Masterpiece Cakeshop baker Jack Phillips’ commentary (The Tribune, April 27), I found myself having compassion for his position of choosing not to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple based on Phillips’ religious beliefs.

I am certainly opposed to the harassment and threats he claims to have received for his position. I feel strongly about our freedom to act in accordance with our conscience. I would choose not to force him to make that cake. I would choose to have him try to understand that baking that cake, making fellowship, is likely what his God would prefer. It’s the loving thing to do. His God is likely quite capable of judging a “sinner” without any help from Phillips.

Based on the difficulties he has endured over his position, Phillips says, “I shudder to think what I’d say if my granddaughter one day tells me she wants to design wedding cakes like I did.” I shudder to think what Phillips might say if his granddaughter wanted him to make one of his Masterpiece Cakes for her and her female partner’s wedding.

Gail L. Porritt, Draper