I maintain that if all males had more of the nurturing hormone, oxytocin, in their brain’s neuro-circuitry, the human species would not always be at war with “the other.”

“When fighting monsters, don’t become the monster!”

It is well known that women have this hormone in order to nurse and nurture their babies. It is also the hormone that allows one to have empathy and compassion for another being.

Men seem to lack this hormone in an adequate amount to see one’s self in “the other.” It is as though their brain contains a “glitch” or malware!

My solution? Provide injections of oxytocin (they could receive compensation, and President Trump and his ilk could receive one-a-day injections instead of Viagra).

My background? I was a psychiatric nurse and rehabilitation counselor for 25 years. With my husband we raised four caring children, now in their 50s and 60s.

Carol Greely, Murray