It is framed that these “weeds” are undesirable and damaging. I respectfully disagree. The concept that these plants are destructive is debatable and is often the source of extensive chemical use in this country. The image of plush weed-free lawn is not healthy for our pollinators, our waterways, our pets and our health. We need to explore new nontoxic and organic methods for maintaining our yards.

Additionally, these wildflowers and alternative ground covers are vital to the well-being of our ecosystems and play a crucial role in the health of Utah’s pollinators. Dandelions, yarrow, black medic and field bindweed are valuable food sources to our local pollinators. Additionally, yarrow is a fantastic drought tolerant perennial that many homeowners adore in their gardens.

Our pollinators’ services are unparalleled and central to Utah’s vibrant and beautiful ecosystem.

I hope to see our citizens and corporations work to protect their precious existence by incorporating and exploring organic avenues when it comes to their yard care.

Sydney M. Boogaard, Salt Lake City