Doesn’t Salt Lake have a professional baseball team? Yes, The Bees. They’re a Triple-A affiliate of the Los Angeles Angels. The Angels are a hot team in Major League Baseball right now. They feature several players to keep an eye on. Michael Trout and Shohei Ohtani are two of them. Ohtani is an international player with amazing prowess. He is a starting pitcher (2-1) and a designated hitter batting .333. The Salt Lake Bees would love to have one of their players make it to the Show and play with the Angels.

Educating our community about these teams and players is essential to their success and survival. We need the box scores back! Statistics are baseball. Keeping a daily tracking of events is important to fans. Our youths need to see the daily changes to keep enthused about our National Pastime. Home runs, RBIS, no-hitters, ERA, batting average and the nine inning totals create a clearer picture for the baseball enthusiast and future fans.

I can suggest areas to curtail space and provide more for baseball, but I think they are apparent to readers. No partisan politics and no religion is a welcome respite when reading The Tribune.

James Mone, Salt Lake City