When we have company for dinner we all want to put our right foot forward to honor our guests — food, setting, entertainment.

The White House state dinner for French President Macron reeked of exclusivity and in no way represented the majority of our nation. Think what could have been if a wider net had been cast to represent issues relevant to both nations: economy, immigration, international relations, daily life of the country.

A few suggestions: People of minimum wage could tell of their experience of buying a house. An increase of the number of guests could include immigrants and refugees. Middle Eastern representatives would converse about the Iranian nuclear deal. Entertainment would include performing students from D.C. inner-city schools. Table decorations would be made by students in the local art institutes.

As it was, the state dinner, paid with our tax dollars, was all about the 1 percent and nothing about the rest of us in the 99 percent. Another indication of where the White House places its focus — not on the common man!

A very sad commentary.

Rosemary Baron, Salt Lake City