The April 24 edition of The Salt Lake Tribune contained two out-of-state letters written to discredit Mitt Romney as a senator. One letter from Georgia specified when Romney (and most other high level Republicans) was critical of candidate Donald Trump when the video surfaced of him discussing grabbing and kissing women. The other letter from Maine was concerned that Romney would not absolutely support Trump along party lines.

We need more independent representatives who think beyond party line voting. Romney was more than justified criticizing Trump’s outrageous comments on the video. As a Republican I firmly believe Romney was correct when stating that Trump was not an appropriate candidate for president. If Romney will be an independent, conservative voice in Washington, he is exactly what Utah and the nation needs at this time. He has the personality to confront the president when it is necessary and appropriate and not retreat when the pressure mounts.

Moreover, I hardly think we need desperate Trump supporters from other states telling Utah voters what is right for us. Reportedly this is part of an organized rallying effort to write letters to papers around the country in an attempt to stifle the campaigns of Republican candidates who may not march in lock-step with Trump. I would hope that Utah voters would see through this type of rhetoric.

Merrill Allen, Centerville