Recently, The Tribune devoted nearly a full page worth of coverage to Smith’s Food’s “Scan, Bag, Go” program. This new service will supposedly add a new level of convenience to the shopper’s experience. Great.

First, some questions:

1. How will this affect the number of employees at the check stand and those looking for work while the nation bemoans a lack of jobs?

2. Will this service (i.e., saving on manpower) actually be passed on to the customer or line the pockets of Kroger’s shareholders?

3. Does this article (complete with operating instructions) have anything to do with the fact that Smith’s is one of The Tribune’s major advertisers?

My main concern, however, is the long line at the pharmacy’s Higi Stations as the many non-techy luddites, like me, check their blood pressure after trying to use yet another hand-held electronic device.

Scott Perry, Salt Lake City