I am responding to “Abortion wars heating up ahead of elections” (The Tribune, April 22).

The abortion issue has become politicized. In my view, the government (state or federal) should not even be in this issue at all.

First, I submit that abortion is a women’s issue. Last I heard, no man has ever become pregnant (unwillingly or not) and will not have to ever make this decision.

Second, I submit that all women are abortion opponents. It would be wonderful if there was no demand for abortions. Unfortunately, according to research, 25 percent of all women will seek an abortion at least once in their lifetime. It shows there is a demand.

Abortion by a trained doctor is much safer than in a back alley.

Life beginning at conception is not in the Bible, but it is a religious belief. Freedom of religion is definitely a right in America.

I submit by maintaining a pro-choice stance, people are free to practice their religion how they see fit.

The debate about whether abortion is murder can still go on. Remember, in the Bible, Moses and King David (among others) were murderers. Thankfully we have a forgiving God. But again that is religious.

Marilyn Marshall, Magna