These are the observations about “Hamilton” the musical, by a Latina woman whose grandparents are immigrants.

Hamilton” is a story about the founding of the United States, told by a Latino who is schooling us about U.S. history through the color-conscious casting of nonwhite actors who played the roles of our Founding Fathers and other historical figures.

Moreover, when George Washington comes on the scene in his beautiful blue Continental Army uniform, no one even notices he is black. As a matter of fact, no one notices that Alexander Hamilton, himself, is black. (How’s that for a color-blind America?)

Yes, this play is about Alexander Hamilton, but it is more about courage to fight for opportunities, it is about the contributions immigrants make and have made in our country, it is about how one man, an orphan, a bastard, an immigrant, became a leader, soldier, lawyer, first treasury secretary and the founder of our nation’s financial system.

For me, this production emphasizes that regardless of the color of your skin, regardless of your ancestry, regardless of your station in life, this is our America. It is an America built by immigrants and we must continue to fight for the right to opportunities for all.

Josie Valdez, Murray