In a recent article titled “Feds approve master plan for Utah’s Alta Ski Resort calling for controversial upgrades,” quotes from Carl Fisher, executive director of Save Our Canyons, indicate that he is either ignorant of what is happening in Alta or intentionally spreading incomplete information to support his cause.

Fisher claims the ski area is doubling down on the destruction of wetlands in our watersheds and referenced the wetland disturbance associated with the replacement of the Supreme and Cecret lifts during the summer of 2017. Alta Ski Area works closely with the Forest Service to minimize and mitigate the impact of projects on the environment. While 560 square feet of wetland was disturbed replacing these lifts, Alta Ski Area worked with the Forest Service to mitigate this disturbance by creating over 3,000 square feet of new wetland.

The proposed Flora Lift has also been designed to minimize impact upon wetlands, and any disturbance of wetlands would be mitigated by creating additional wetland.

I believe our mitigation actions reflect Alta Ski Area’s commitment to taking care of the environment within the ski area. I encourage Fisher to base his positions on complete and accurate information and not spread incomplete information to support his cause.

Michael R Maughan, general manager, Alta Ski Area, Alta