I was raised the old-fashioned way and was told to never gloat!

Many fellow Americans voted for Donald Trump on the wave of promises.

He promised to get rid of affordable health care, and he did. Many who needed health care voted for Trump and are hurting.

He promised to send back illegal immigrants, and ICE rounded up Mexican workers at a Texas meat plant. No Texan wants to work at that plant for those wages, and the meat did not get processed.

He said he would slap tariffs on steel and aluminum, and he did. Many steelworkers who voted for him are paying more for the product they are using and may have to lay off personnel to compensate.

He promised to punish countries for “uneven” trade deficits and slapped tariffs on them. Farmers in some red states who voted for Trump are worried about revenge tariffs put on their grain and customers will go elsewhere. Europe is poised to sell grain and pork to China!

I will not gloat and I will not say, “I told you so!” But I cannot help but smile a little!

Frans J. Kohlschein, Sandy