When Thomas S. Monson officiated over East German Mormons, he counseled them to “be subject to kings, presidents, rulers and magistrates in obeying, honoring and sustaining the law” (12th Article of Faith). However, a known illegal alien in America can claim he is honest in his dealings with other men and obeys U.S. laws to get his Temple recommend. LDS policy is that his lies are “between him and God” and he is issued the TR. Is this because half of Mormons worldwide are Hispanic?

On the other hand, Mormon officials untrained in pastoral or patient counseling ask highly personal questions of children in one-on-one interviews and punish them for “wrong” behavior — behavior seen by psychologists as normal child activity.

Thank you, McKenna Denson, for suing for LDS policy changes regarding sexual harassment and abuse of children and adults. Parents should be present at any interview of children. Any activity involving children (Sunday school, Primary, Scouts, etc.) should have at least two adults present. All meetings between two adults �� including Missionary Training Center — should be in public access areas.

Vicki Martin, Clearfield