Dear Logan Blythe, when you hold your Eagle Court of Honor, will you let us all know? I think I speak for many Eagle Scouts: We want to proudly sit in your Eagle’s nest!

Do not back down on your desire to get your Eagle Scout Award: You deserve it. I have been an Eagle coach since 2010 and have guided 164 Scouts from Life to Eagle. Some of my Scouts had disabilities and they still received their Eagle. The first line of the Scout Oath says, “On my honor I will do my best.” If you are doing your best, we cannot ask any more. The Boy Scouts of America teaches many wonderful things. However, I get tired of the BSA red tape, regulations, protocol, officialdom and paperwork. Sometimes the BSA bureaucracy puts unneeded roadblocks in front of some deserving young men.

I am sure that some rule-hugging official at the BSA headquarters does not understand the true spirit of the Eagle award. Logan Blythe, keep fighting for what you have earned. You are already an Eagle Scout in my eyes.

Peter Brooks, Lehi