I’m the mother of four incredible children, three of which have craniosynostosis, and one has hypo plastic left heart syndrome. To say the least, we have spent a big chunk of our lives in hospitals. All of my children at some point in their short lives have needed life-saving medication. Over the years between doctor visits, hospital stays and needed medication, medical bills have stacked up.

One thing that would help relieve pressure and the financial burden my family and many others face, would be to have better options for more affordable prescription drugs. Sen. Mike Lee has co-sponsored the Creating and Restoring Equal Access to Equivalent Samples (CREATES) Act which would help make it easier for more affordable generic options to be manufactured and sold. Utahns are paying more money for their prescriptions than they should be and I urge Sen. Orrin Hatch to stand with Sen. Lee in support of the CREATES Act. By doing so, families will have access to more affordable life-saving medication. I believe that every day has the possibility of a miracle. My children are my little miracles, my heroes.

Jimie Guzman, Erda