Student survivors who spoke Wednesday in Tallahassee, Fla., were articulate and focused.

There was nothing they conveyed that wasn’t factual or pertinent to their message.

Watching those teenagers is inspiring as they move forward with their efforts to curb the senseless killing in the schools of America, facilitated by politicians who are too afraid to do what is right and needed.

More concerned with keeping their elected position and their report card grade from the NRA, they get an F for failing parents and students who suffer these despicable events.

At some point — and it probably won’t begin with elected officials from Utah — someone with the political will to do what is right will step forward, and hopefully, others will follow.

At some point, when it’s politically expedient, our federal delegation will probably join the group photo.

Perhaps even Rep. Stewart will become a convert. He’s demonstrated his capacity for conversion in the past.

Alan Peterson, Mayfield