Regarding this issue of breast-feeding while not covering up in public, first, please let me preface my comments. I grew up in a household with a father who was a Marine and a mother who worked, both for herself and her family. As such, my “domestic skills” I learned from my father while I supported the success of my mother.

Breast-feeding, in my opinion, is a truly natural and intimate act between mother and child. As such, it should be a mother’s right to respond to her child’s needs when necessary. In the issue of exposure of a woman’s breast lies the rub. Society accepts that relieving oneself in public view is inappropriate, but now the issue, at least by some, is whether women should expose any part of themselves when breast-feeding in public. Though I personally have no opinion, I do believe the art of success in life includes the art of “picking one’s battles.” That said, I’m hard pressed to believe “get over it” would ever arrive at a reasonable conclusion.

As we will eventually move forward to other, more formidable topics, I will post script this letter with the words of William Shakespeare: “Discretion is the better part of valor.”

Gary D. Ruiz, Murray