Regarding Doron Lubinsky’s letter, Feb. 11, “BDS activists wrong”: This is the classic Zionist lecture one would expect from an Israeli apologist. First, the usual line, Israel — good. All others in the Middle East — bad. Second, confuse and misdirect the issue — in this case our American values and constitutional right to freedom of speech, including our right to boycott as a legally recognized form of free speech.

Lubinsky states that the congressional anti-BDS legislation “neither silences criticism nor restricts free speech.” Not true! A Kansas teacher, who had been offered a state job, was required to declare (per recent Kansas anti-BDS legislation) that she would not participate in any BDS activities directed at Israel. She refused to sign and was denied her job. She sued the state of Kansas in federal court and won (Koontz v. Watson).

It is a blight on America to think that the only way we can enjoy the right to free speech is through a lawsuit. Furthermore, Lubinsky’s letter states that the BDS movement is designed to “delegitimize” Israel. What does that mean? How is it different than to criticize? Again, confusion and misdirection; it’s much safer to prevent the conversation than examine the facts.

Mahan Singh Khalsa, Salt Lake City