One nice thing about being the owner of a newspaper is that you get to write a great tribute to your dad.

I’m one of the few people who never had the opportunity to meet Jon Huntsman Sr. I very much wish I did, because it seems he would have been my best friend. I would agree that he was a generous man as well as a genius at business. I wish his HCI had been around when my mom had cancer. It was around when my wife had cancer, and thanks for that, as she is still around.

But, as my dad told me in my preteen years, the best compliment he could pay a man was to refer to him as a gentleman.

With no disrespect at all, I would respectfully like to throw a wrench into SCR 1 now in the House, and not taking away anything away from either Philo Farnsworth or Martha Hughes Cannon, but I would like to nominate a statue of Jon M. Huntsman Sr. to be placed in the National Statuary Hall in the U.S. Capitol.

For what we would want a statue from our state to represent, stand for, signify and symbolize, as an American and as a Utahn, I believe Huntsman would exceed all criteria.

JH (John) Thompson, Ogden